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Hannah Hicks - Senior Spotlight

Hannah is an English major with a writing emphasis. She loves novel writing with her best friend, walking and cuddling with her dog Bandit, coffee dates with friends, books, movies, and puzzles.

During Hannah's time here at Lee, she has served on the Kairos officer team as the Vice President of Stewardship and President. She has also served the residential life and housing team at Lee in two different dorms, as well as a student worker for the Language and Literature Department.

Hannah joined Kairos because she wanted to be surrounded by people that were passionate about learning and would push her as well. Her favorite memory from Kairos has been going with her Environmental Science class at 7:45 in the morning and being thrown regularly into rivers. "One time, Dr. Freake left us on a riverside to go buy batteries."

Throughout Hannah's busy days, she loves to come home and cuddle with her dog.

Some advice from Hannah: "College can be some of the best years of your life! Take time to invest in friendships and things that you love. Also, take classes that you love! Try to not to live up to what other people’s expectations of you are, but live up to your own expectations."


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